About Tea Hearts


Driven by food and culture, and inspired by her roots in Holland, Hsiu-Li Yeh launched Yeh Collection, a vibrant tea-lifestyle collection for the modern home - all in her signature Dutch-Asian style. Since being launched in 2009, her best selling product and brand Tea Hearts has grown rapidly. Tea Hearts’s client list now includes prestigious department stores, specialty food stores and luxury hotels.

We design and develop high-quality teas and tea related products: Tea Hearts, Yeh Teas (loose teas), Yeh Collection - Home & Living (signature tea ware, afternoon tea ware and saloon decoration).

Our philosophy is simple we enrich your daily tea ritual with Tea Hearts. Tea hearts are a pressed tea in little heart shapes. A special pressing technique captures the precious aroma and scent of every little heart. Watch the heart unfurl, becoming a bouquet of tealeaves full of flavour. The aroma of this oldest tea is precisely how the inventor emperor Shen Nung drank it; bitter sweet.

Tea Hearts represents the essence of drinking tea: take your time to share and enjoy your love and friendship!

Discover Chinese Tea in a modern way

Join us on this journey to discover tea and experience the benefits which the Chinese have been enjoying since ancient times. Read more about the history of tea... We started our journey with organic green tea, as it is the oldest type of tea existing. Drinking green tea has great benifits, it is good for your health and your heart. Therefore we developed pressed tea in little heart shapes, one heart is a portion of tea for a perfect cup of tea full of love and health. Try out now the new and modern experience of drinking tea with Tea Hearts!

Designed with sustainability

We as organisation have a sustainable and fair working ethic for developing and handling products logisticly. We use recycable and bio-degradable materials. Also our packaging is sustainable, it is well designed and produced. The gift boxes are very suitable for re-use. Think cradle to cradle!

Tea Hearts and health

We like pure nutricion. Nowadays we hardly realize anymore what we eat and drink. Transparant communication about the ingredients and using organic materials is crucial for a balanced living. We belief one should be concious about what you take in, by doing so it will result in a healthier body and soul. Support together with us the Royal Dutch Cancer Association (KWF)!
Read more about the benefits of tea...

Our products

Tea Hearts Classic
Tea Hearts are tea pressed into little heart shapes. A special pressing technique captures the precious aroma and scent of every little heart. Tea Hearts Classic are tea hearts presented in square transparant bags. With this product line, the paper filters come seperatly, included in the gift boxes. Tea Hearts Classic is at the moment only available with organic green tea. Available wrapped per 12 hearts (Gift Boxes) or per 30 (Long Box).

Tea Hearts Deluxe
Newly developed product for the ultimate ease tea drinker. Each tea heart is presented in a filter bag, it is ready-to-use. It is pure green tea or blend with herbal teas like camomile and lemongrass. Basically, what you see it what you drink.
This Deluxe version of Tea Hearts is a perfect way to show your hospitality, for boutique hotels, spas, salons, restaurants, catering services, exhibitions, fairs, and all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, parties and corporate events alike. Tea Hearts Deluxe are available in the flavours PURE GREEN, CAMOMILE, LEMONGRASS and PURE BLACK. Available in Deluxe Gift Boxes wrapped per set of 8 x Mini Boxes.

Yeh Teas
Yeh Teas is an assortment of Grand Cuisine loose tea blends (100% natural and or organic). Each portion (about 2.5g) is packed in an infusion bag. These infusion bags are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

Yeh Collection - Home & Living
Signature porcelain tea ware, table ware and saloon decoration.

Gift Deals
Every season we create gift package deals full of inspiration for your convenience.

Tea Hearts offers organic green tea pressed into little hearts shapes, as well as premium wellness blends, such as White Tea Lavender & Camomile which has
a calming effect, Green Tea Orchids with a relaxing effect and Black Ginger for an amazing energy kick.

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